• Circuit Configuration: propulsion inverter, regeneration, boost converter)
  • Vehicle Types: battery electric vehicles (BEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in HEV (PHEV), fuel cell vehicles (FCV)
  • Consumer / Commercial Vehicle Use: passenger cars, vans, trucks, busses

J1-Series Power Modules Enhance Automotive Efficiency & Reliability

In 1997, Mitsubishi Electric first began producing power semiconductor modules designed specifically to meet the stringent reliability and safety standards required for electric and hybrid electric vehicle propulsion. Continuous innovation in packaging and power chip technology, combined with almost 20 years of real world on-road experience, has led to the development of the industry’s most advanced automotive power modules, the J1-Series.

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Benefits and Features of the J1-Series Modules

  • Compact 6-in-1 Package: Lighter (360g) and requires less space than previous solutions (120mm x 115.2mm x 31mm)
  • Direct Cooling Structure: Integrated “Pin-fin” design improves heat radiation while decreasing thermal impedance and inverter weight
  • Specific Automotive Application Design: Meets automotive grade quality and reliability requirements
  • High Performance Carrier Stored Trench-gate Bipolar Transistor (CSTBT™) Chips: Allow for low VCE(sat) and low on-state losses. Chips include built-in current and temperature sensing.
  • High Reliability: Direct lead bonding improves thermal cycle lifetime while reducing parasitic resistance and inductance.
  • High Levels of Traceability: Allow for material and component management throughout the production process
  • RoHS Compliant: Completely lead (Pb)-free, including terminal plating

Product Line-up
CT300CJ1A120, 6-PAC, 1200V, 300A
CT400CJ1A090, 6-PAC, 900V, 400A
CT600CJ1A060, 6-PAC, 650V, 600A
CTF300CJ1A120, 6-PAC, 1200V, 300A

Components for Module Evaluation (J1-Series Evaluation Kit)

The J1-Series Evaluation Kit includes the driver board, the J1-Series power module, DC-Link Capacitor and cooling jacket.

These components can ONLY be used for bench tests and not for actual vehicle tests.

J1-Series Driver Board (J1RB-3)

Driver board is based on M81603JFP Gate Driver IC that is in production.

J1-Series Driver Board (J1RB-3)
  • Optimized gate driver circuit
  • Magnetic optocoupler isolation
  • Built-in isolated DC-DC power supply (DC15V x 4CH, DC5V x 1CH)
  • Over-current protection (SC, OC) utilizing on-chip current sensor
  • Temperature compensation for SC, OC protection
  • Over-temperature (OT) protection
  • PN over-voltage (OV) protection
  • Switching speed optimization at high temperature, turn-off loss (Eoff) reduction
  • Short-pulse short-circuit protection (soft shutdown)

J1RB Driver Boards

DC-Link Capacitor Assembly
Case Type Capacitor (ESL=30nH)

Printed Circuit Board Capacitor (ESL=15nH)

Cooling Water Jacket (J1WJB)

The cooling water jacket consists of a cooling case and sealing material (O-Ring) in a compact structure providing optimum direct cooling performance for the IGBT module. The J1WJB fits all J1-Series modules.

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