• Servo / motion controls
  • HVAC
  • Home appliances
  • Pumps
  • Low-capacity industrial inverter

Product Advantages

  • Built-in bootstrap diodes and current limiting resistors
  • High-accuracy analog temperature output
  • Standardized packages simplify design cycles

Version 6 DIPIPM™

Powerex Version 6 DIPIPM™ simplifies the design of low power inverters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Standard features such as analog temperature output and built-in bootstrap diodes reduce the need for peripheral components, thus reducing overall system costs.

By using the latest low loss IGBT (7th Generation CSTBT™), the product line-up has been expanded to suit a wider range of applications. The design effort is minimized, as Version 6 DIPIPM employs the same standard external packaging previously introduced for Versions 4 and 5.

New to the DIPIPM line-up is our SLIMDIP line. SLIMDIP is an ultra-small, compact intelligent power module with a transfer mold package suitable for larger mass production. As with all Powerex DIPIPMs, the power chips, drive, and protection circuits are integrated in the SLIMDIPs, providing a simple solution for AC 100-200V class low-power motor inverter control.

Simplified Block Diagram

DIPIPM Packages

Line-up Table
PSM03S93E5-A, 6-PAC, 500V, 3A
PSM05S93E5-A, 6-PAC, 500V, 5A

SLIMDIP-L, 6-PAC, 600V, 15A
SLIMDIP-S, 6-PAC, 600V, 5A

Super Mini DIPIPM
PSS05S92F6-AG, 6-PAC, 600V, 5A
PSS10S92F6-AG, 6-PAC, 600V, 10A
PSS15S92F6-AG, 6-PAC, 600V, 15A
PSS20S92F6-AG, 6-PAC, 600V, 20A
PSS30S92F6-AG, 6-PAC, 600V, 30A
PSS35S92F6-AG, 6-PAC, 600V, 35A

PSS05S72FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 5A
PSS10S72FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 10A
PSS20S71F6, 6-PAC, 600V, 20A
PSS30S71F6, 6-PAC, 600V, 30A
PSS50S71F6, 6-PAC, 600V, 50A

PSS05SA2FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 5A
PSS10SA2FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 10A
PSS15SA2FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 15A
PSS25SA2FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 25A
PSS35SA2FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 35A
PSS50SA2FT, 6-PAC, 1200V, 50A

DIPIPM is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Electric.

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